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Actor, Producer, Writer, Mama,

Vocalist with The MutherFathers,

Green Thumb, Foodie, Curious Explorer 

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Bringing wit to drama and depth to comedy, Sharon is smart and strong, with a soupçon of sass.


 Her heart is in charge, no matter what her head may tell you. 

Kevin Hart and Sharon Gardner on the set of ME TIME

Sharon  was a member of  Warner Loughlin's Master Class in Los Angeles (creative home of Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Zooey Deschanel, et al.), and has also worked in L.A. with Caryn West, iOWest improv coach Eric Hunicutt,  Brian Hill,  and Dee Wallace.  Sharon trained with Floyd Rumohr in Michael Chehkov Technique in NYC and was a founding member of and Teaching Artist with Chekhov Theatre Ensemble, teaching Shakespeare curriculum in public schools with Stages Of Learning.   A theatre major at College of William and Mary, Sharon spent her high school years studying at The Studio Theatre, Washington, D.C., and trained with legendary founder Joy Zinoman.

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