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Physical Therapist Ava intuits that recovering NCIS Dir. Leon Vance visits her clinic to see a certain someone in “NCIS"; widow Nancy confronts her eldest son at her husband's funeral in “Taps”; a Westside wife clocks her husband's wandering eye in “Modern Family”; tech C.E.O. Nancy (different Nancy!) relishes her victory in a major deal in “Cost Of Capital", and Senate staffer Julia is confronted by a gun culture she can't escape in “Range Junkies”.


2021 AFI

 Written by Anne-Sophie Bine and Nora Alameddin.  

Directed by Anne-Sophie Bine 



Physical Therapist Ava  (Sharon) senses that recovering NCIS Dir. Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) is still insecure about his strength and fitness for the field; later, a revitalized Vance visits 

Ava’s clinic to see a certain someone (Dionne Gipson) under the guise of cancelling his appointments. 


Written by Brian DeCesare,

directed by Jorge Urbina



While indulging her E.R. doctor boyfriend (Scott MacArthur) and his frequent target practice at a gun range, Senate staffer Julia (Sharon) encounters the range manager (Keith Page), a former acquaintance who still carries a torch for her. 

2011 Reel

In “Asylum”, grieving parents Belinda (Sharon) and Bill Stockton (Jason Paul Field) confront a psych ward doctor (Sophie King) about the negligence that led to their teenager’s death;  in Amyn Kaderali’s comedy feature "Kissing Cousins”,  Pam (Sharon) interviews a Relationship Termination Expert (Samrat Chakrabarti) about the possibility of ending her engagement for her; spooky daytime classic “Passions” features Sharon as an efficient wedding planner who is shocked to find herself summoned to Harmony for a prison wedding; the manager (Sharon) of a girl group reads the singers the riot act when they fail to bring their A-game to rehearsal; B.J. Schwartz’s London-based drama, “Fugue” examines the high-pressure world of a symphony orchestra and the old wounds and sexism with which soloist Adrienne (Sharon) and others must contend, featuring Bobby Reed, Leandro Cano, and John Neisler;  satire “A New War” as produced at Theatre 88 and features a briskly cheerful news anchor (Sharon) sharing the details of new offensive;  “Whole Or 2%” peers inside the starchy 1950’s world of a “perfect” housewife who chases away the blues with the help of the Milkman (Ross Marquand). 

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