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Information on coaching and self-tapes coming soon.  

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The amount of insight Sharon has as an actress is insane. She's helped me with several auditions and every time I worked with her, I always felt confident sending my tape to casting. She has an uncanny ability to read a script and pick out hidden gems that you wouldn't see on your own. If you gonna work with a coach, make sure they're an actress that books work. Sharon fits the description. ~ Tash Jordan

"Sharon is not only one of the strongest actors I know, she is by far the best acting coach I have worked with. The very first time I worked with her, she graciously and gently brought something that I was doing to my attention in a way that made it easy for me to adjust and immediately find a much stronger more truthful performance. 


She has keen insights, no-nonsense gentle directness, and a fun and inspiring vibe. I wholeheartedly most highly recommend her as an acting coach!"

~ Robyn von Arx

Sharon is a phenomenal reader. Because of her strength in script analysis, she finds areas I miss when we dive into the scenes. She is reliable and collaborative.

~ Yvette Gonzalez

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