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"I'd love to help you realize or refine your vision for your audition or support your exploration and expansion within a role you’ve already booked through running lines or rehearsal. I’ll share my intimate knowledge of the layers involved in crafting an outstanding self-tape and  I can assist with text analysis, character choices, and backstory to give your work a unique and truthful foundation. 

I bring knowledge of text in all genres, ground my work in solid character choices anchored in the imagination as well as the body, use a variety of vocal techniques to differentiate characters in a multi-person scene, and will help you play the music of the sides.and   I will support your journey as a unique artist so you can create your best work.” 

"Sharon was so helpful. I needed to run lines before going to set at the last minute and she really helped me find the layers to create a wonderful scene."  ~ Marquisha

The amount of insight Sharon has as an actress is insane. She's helped me with several auditions and every time I worked with her, I always felt confident sending my tape to casting. She has an uncanny ability to read a script and pick out hidden gems that you wouldn't see on your own. If you gonna work with a coach, make sure they're an actress that books work. Sharon fits the description. ~ Tash Jordan

"Sharon is not only one of the strongest actors I know, she is by far the best acting coach I have worked with. The very first time I worked with her, she graciously and gently brought something that I was doing to my attention in a way that made it easy for me to adjust and immediately find a much stronger more truthful performance. 


She has keen insights, no-nonsense gentle directness, and a fun and inspiring vibe. I wholeheartedly most highly recommend her as an acting coach!"

~ Robyn von Arx

Sharon is a phenomenal reader. Because of her strength in script analysis, she finds areas I miss when we dive into the scenes. She is reliable and collaborative.

~ Yvette Gonzalez

Sharon recurs as a chic control freak on S.2 of Humanitas Prize-winning dramedy "The Disappointments", now in post, and she improvs as tech entrepreneur Delphine Rism in “Me Time” with Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, now on Netflix.  The thrillers “The Portrait” w/Virginia Madsen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar,  and "The Death That Awaits" w/ Paul Johansson and Ron Yuan, debut theatrically in 2024. 

TV credits include "Modern Family",  "NCIS", and a recurring on "The Bold And The Beautiful".  She's a winner of the L.A. Weekly Award for Best Ensemble for her performance as all the women characters  in Heiner Muller's "The Battle: ABC" and was nominated for Best Actress for the role of Marquise de Merteuil in Muller's "Quartet", both at  City Garage Theatre in Santa Monica, which received the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award for Sustained Excellence in Theatre.

Sharon  was a member of  Warner Loughlin's Master Class in Los Angeles (creative home of Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Zooey Deschanel, et al.), and has also worked in L.A. with Caryn West, iOWest improv coach Eric Hunicutt,  Brian Hill,  and Dee Wallace.  Sharon trained with Floyd Rumohr in Michael Chehkov Technique in NYC and was a founding member of and Teaching Artist with Chekhov Theatre Ensemble, teaching Shakespeare curriculum in public schools with Stages Of Learning.   A theatre major at College of William and Mary, Sharon spent her high school years studying at The Studio Theatre, Washington, D.C., and trained with legendary founder Joy Zinoman.

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